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Media is communication

Media (usually used with a plural verb) is the means of communication, as radio and television, newspapers, and magazines that reach or influence people widely. Media, like data, is the plural form of a word borrowed directly from Latin. The singular, medium, developed the meaning “an intervening agency, means, or instrument” and was first applied to newspapers two centuries ago. In the 1920s media began to appear as a singular collective noun, sometimes with the plural Medias. Media is then using communication skills to not only get our message of Jesus across but for our receivers to understand them and respond to Christ.

Medium of communication

Medium is the neuter form of the adjective medius, meaning "middle"; as well as, a neuter noun meaning, "the middle")When medium was first borrowed into English from Latin late in the sixteenth century, it was used for "something lying in a middle or intermediate position". We must therefore use whatever is at our disposal to communicate Christ. Whatever the media or the medium we use to communicate the gospel must be effective and excellent.

Jesus has a laptop computer!

If Jesus was alive today he would use computers and emails and blogs and podcasts. How do we know that? Because Jesus used all the communication methods of his day so should we. Why would he not use the medium of communication today? Its not moral or immoral, infact it is amoral or neutral and therefore it is not tainted by sin. So he would use all media and so should we as his followers.

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