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Before there ever was a church there was a family…the family of Adam and Eve.
We believe that the church exists because the family exists. The family is the foundation of the church. A strong church in the world is only possible because of strong families. So does the family function?

A family in ministry

This is what Christian leaders are weak in…they are so busy in community ministry that they forget their nuclear family and do not involve them in the community. This has given rise to the problem of church leaders having their children becoming rebels and their spouses abandoning them. Some have erroneously suggested “God first” “family second” and “ministry third”. But all of life is ministry. Therefore, the answer lies in not compartmentalization but carrying our family along and not running ahead of the Lord. Like Joshua saying “as for me and my house we will serve the Lord” and not running ahead and doing our own thing without our family.
The family that prays and serves together stays together.

A family as ministry
We must however remember that the family all by itself is a ministry…so going on family picnics…playing with kids as parents…doing home work as a family…joining clubs…having fun days out only as a nuclear without the joint family or church family is ministry also. Fun is God’s idea and we must enjoy together…the family that plays together stays together.

The balance
All of life is about balance…
A family that only plays together and nothing else is just a mere toy in the hands of the enemy…
A family that only does ministry together and nothing else is just a dull joy in the hands of the enemy…
A family that only sees one person do ministry alone in that family is divided and headed for destruction soon too in the hands of the enemy…

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