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The word “business” is not found in the bible. It means “busy” and somebody defined b.u.s.y as: Busy Under Satan’s Yoke” ha ha.
However, we find that there are many people like Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and others who were into various types of profit making ventures.
We will do good to continue in Christ based business if we observe the following universal principles…

1. Business as mission (BAM)
The whole of the Old Testament model of business follows after this principle. BAM is being a business man who makes a profit makes that profit ethically and then further promotes good will in the market…in other words BAM means being in business because it is a sacred calling and a holy calling just like any other calling.

2. Business in mission (BIM)
The whole of the New Testament model of business is something more than BAM. It is using business to fund the building of God’s home and God’s kingdom on planet earth. Because there are paid missionaries and volunteer missionaries we must be called to interdependence…that’s the only way we can prove from our lives that we are the body of Christ in action and not in words alone.

We are not called to dependence as volunteer missionaries.
We are not called to independence as paid missionaries.
We are called to interdependence

We are called to partnering
Because there are “75” “one another’s” in the bible
We are called to networking
Because we are not superstars but the Body of Christ.
We are called to connecting
Because together we do a great work for God.


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Pray with us as we together take the whole gospel to the whole world Whole"istically

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